Resource Booking e.g. Booking of Conference Room – MyDataOrganizer Online Database Platform

Question from Sam B. : Resource Booking ( Conference Room, Equipment , Appointment etc. )

Basic Requirements of the application :

  • Applications like Conference Room Booking, Appointment Setting, Project Resource Scheduling
    need to make sure that there is no conflict when it is done.
  • When Conference Room is already booked for certain time period
    then it should not be allowed to book the conference room during booked time period.
  • Booking Requests Conflicts should be shown.
  • Only requests which do not have conflict will be shown with BookIt link to confirm booking.

Security Needs :
  • Only certain people would be allowed to initiate booking of conference room.
  • Only certain people would be allowed to set status of conference room to Booked from Initial.

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Security Overview for online data organizer using Online Database Platform

  • Data is stored in tables (Tables are just like spreadsheets).
  • For public Tables every authorized application user can get/find/modify/update/delete data.
  • Table can also provide :

    Public get access Authorized Application users can get the data from table
    Public find access Authorized Application users can find/search the data from table
    Public modify/update access Authorized Application users can update the data from table
    Public delete access Authorized Application users can delete data from table
  • Security can be also implemented using Security Profiles. Security Profile is assigned to individual application users.
  • Security profile can be configured to control get/find/update/delete access for each table.
  • Each record in table can have zero or more file-attachments/tasks/notes.
  • Security profile can be configured to control get/find/update/delete access on file-attachments/tasks/notes for each table.
  • Team Type tables control access further at team level.

    e.g. East Team can have access to East-Team-Customers and East-Team-Opportunities in a

    CRM(Customer Relationship Management Software).

    Team Members can have role of Administrator/Manager/User.

    In TimeSheet Approval Process only member with Admin/Manager level can approve/deny timesheet request.
  • Table can be copied to other table as a view of source table.

    e.g. Human Resources(HR) have access to the Employee information including Salary.

    Copy of Employee-information-HR-table can be copied to other table Employee-general.

    Salary-Field/Column can be removed from Employee-general table

    and access to Employee-general(without Salary info) can be given to other non-HR-people.
  • All the changes to data can be audited for security-compliance purpose.

  • Certain sensitive data e.g. Social Security Numbers can be kept encrypted.

    First group of people do not have access to decrypted Social Security Number.

    Second group of people(e.g. Customer Support) have access to last 4 digits of Social Security Number.

    Third group of people(e.g. Admin) have access to full decrypted Social Security Number.

  • Security requirements for Paid Time Off ( PTO )requests:

    Following type of custom security needs can be also easily done with MyDataOrganizer Platform.

    Creator of the request has access to his/her requests.

    Manager ( to whom creator reports to as per CompanyHierarchy )

    has the access to requests of requestors who are reporting to him/her.

    A person can have one or more managers.

    Managers can either approve or deny requests.

    VP-Finance and VP-HR have readonly access to all the requests.

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