Each table documentation record has AddField link which can be used to add calculated field.




 Result of clicking link AddField 

Form Filled with Data :

  Added Calculated Field

Formula used : concat(FirstName, ‘ ‘, LastName)

FullName now shows FirstName followed by LastName

and blank space between FirstName and LastName

 Adding CalculatedFieldsExtn involves first adding record into CalculatedFields as above

Formula for CalculatedFields is dummy data e.g. ‘FullName2’

Then record is added into CalculatedFieldsExtn


Check structure of table to find ColumnName to use in CalculatedFieldsExtn

Our ColumnName = FullName2_51963

Add record into CalculatedFieldsExtn

InString = ColumnName = FullName2_51963

OutString = Formula = concat(Contacts_MYCRM.FirstName, ‘ ‘, Contacts_MYCRM.LastName)

From TableDocumentation record Menu click CalculatedFieldsExtn link

result of CalculatedFieldsExtn for Contacts_MYCRM table is as following :

Full_Name is result of CalculatedFields

FullName2 is result of CalculatedFieldsExtn



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