Paid Time Off ( PTO ) Organizer – Question from Kait M.

Workflow Actions :

Submit for Approval



Change to Init

Security :

Creator of the request has access to his/her requests.

Manager ( to whom creator reports to as per CompanyHierarchy )

has the access to requests of requestors who are reporting to him/her.

A person can have one or more managers.

Managers can either approve or deny requests.

VP-Finance and VP-HR have readonly access to all the requests.

PTO Request Status Change Info :

When request is created Status=Init_PTO

Status=Init_PTO can be changed to Status=Submitted_PTO

by submitting request for approval.

Status=Submitted_PTO can be

either approved ( Status = Approved_PTO )

or denied ( Status = Denied_PTO )

Denied request ( Status = Denied_PTO )

can be changed back to Init ( Status = Init_PTO )

which can be submitted for approval ( Status = Submitted_PTO )

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