MyDataOrganizer Add Field

MyDataOrganizer Add Field



 We are adding field Opportunity of type text with size=4500

to Opportunities_MYCRM table.

GetData link from Table Documentation  is clicked which will result

in Menu for Opportunities_MYCRM table.




 AddField link is clicked from menu of table=Opportunities_MYCRM.

Fieldname should not have blank spaces.







 Form for adding field is filled out and submitted.

Fieldname should not have blank spaces.



Result of submission of form will add field and then menu for Opportunities_MYCRM table will be displayed.

Click Structure link from Menu to find out structure of table and it should show new field in its structure.







 New field Opportunity is shown in structure of table.





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MyDataOrganizer Add CalculatedField, CalculatedFieldExtn

MyDataOrganizer Add CalculatedField, CalculatedFieldExtn


 Each table documentation record has AddField link which can be used to add calculated field.




 Result of clicking link AddField 

Form Filled with Data :

  Added Calculated Field

Formula used : concat(FirstName, ‘ ‘, LastName)

FullName now shows FirstName followed by LastName

and blank space between FirstName and LastName

 Adding CalculatedFieldsExtn involves first adding record into CalculatedFields as above

Formula for CalculatedFields is dummy data e.g. ‘FullName2’

Then record is added into CalculatedFieldsExtn


Check structure of table to find ColumnName to use in CalculatedFieldsExtn

Our ColumnName = FullName2_51963

Add record into CalculatedFieldsExtn

InString = ColumnName = FullName2_51963

OutString = Formula = concat(Contacts_MYCRM.FirstName, ‘ ‘, Contacts_MYCRM.LastName)

From TableDocumentation record Menu click CalculatedFieldsExtn link

result of CalculatedFieldsExtn for Contacts_MYCRM table is as following :

Full_Name is result of CalculatedFields

FullName2 is result of CalculatedFieldsExtn



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MyDataOrganizer Add Table

MyDataOrganizer Add Table


Demo2Menu has easy access to some of the common actions needed by App Builder.

Demo2Menu : part1





Demo2Menu : part2


Add Table : Provide tablename without blank spaces.






 Provided tablename : Customers_MYCRM

All the tablenames appended with _MYCRM will help  group tables used for MYCRM application. It will help in app building.





Once table is added it will provide button to add record about newly created table into Tables Documentation.

Tables Documentation will provide central repository for all the tables used for the applications.

Click the green button to add table into Tables Documentation.



It will create following type of record as Table Documentation.






Each table into Table Documentation will have menu for individual actions which can be performed on the table.





Each record in display grid as well as main title of grid will have Menu customized for each user.

It has easy access to action-links .







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MyDataOrganizer Customer Contacts App – LEARN

MyDataOrganizer Customer Contacts App – LEARN


End Result Contacts :

End Result Customers :

Steps :

  • Create table Customers_LEARN
  • Add fields / Columns to table Customers_LEARN
  • Create table Contacts_LEARN
  • Add fields / Columns to table Contacts_LEARN
  • Add Link Table Customers_LEARN to Contacts_LEARN. It will create relationship between Customers(parent) and Contacts(Children) with one customer having zero or more contacts.
  • CalculatedFields and CalculatedFieldsExtension creates Formula fields / columns and uses functions which will create colorful description of Customers and Contacts.
  • Each customer-record and contact-record is identified with colorful-description
  • while adding customer and contact record , color also needs to be selected which will be used to highlight customer/contact record.
  • Color is parent for Customer(Child)
  • Color is also parent for Contact(Child)
  • Each customer record contains record-menu which can be used for record level operations on Customer
  • Each contact record contains record-menu which can be used for record level operations on Contact
  • Populate Customers table first. Customer data will be required while adding contacts
  • Populate Contacts table. For each record of contact(child) parent=customer needs to be selected.
  • Details of each customer will show list of contacts for that customer.

Add Table Add Field Menu :

Contacts Structure :

Customers Structure :

Customers Contacts Tables :

Customers Calculated Fields :

Customers Calculated Fields Extension :

Contacts Calculated Fields :

Contacts Calculated Fields Extension :

Record Menu:

Table Menu:

Contacts for Customer1 :

Contacts for Customer2 :

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