Demo2Menu has easy access to some of the common actions needed by App Builder.

Demo2Menu : part1





Demo2Menu : part2


Add Table : Provide tablename without blank spaces.






 Provided tablename : Customers_MYCRM

All the tablenames appended with _MYCRM will help  group tables used for MYCRM application. It will help in app building.





Once table is added it will provide button to add record about newly created table into Tables Documentation.

Tables Documentation will provide central repository for all the tables used for the applications.

Click the green button to add table into Tables Documentation.



It will create following type of record as Table Documentation.






Each table into Table Documentation will have menu for individual actions which can be performed on the table.





Each record in display grid as well as main title of grid will have Menu customized for each user.

It has easy access to action-links .







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