End Result Contacts :

End Result Customers :

Steps :

  • Create table Customers_LEARN
  • Add fields / Columns to table Customers_LEARN
  • Create table Contacts_LEARN
  • Add fields / Columns to table Contacts_LEARN
  • Add Link Table Customers_LEARN to Contacts_LEARN. It will create relationship between Customers(parent) and Contacts(Children) with one customer having zero or more contacts.
  • CalculatedFields and CalculatedFieldsExtension creates Formula fields / columns and uses functions which will create colorful description of Customers and Contacts.
  • Each customer-record and contact-record is identified with colorful-description
  • while adding customer and contact record , color also needs to be selected which will be used to highlight customer/contact record.
  • Color is parent for Customer(Child)
  • Color is also parent for Contact(Child)
  • Each customer record contains record-menu which can be used for record level operations on Customer
  • Each contact record contains record-menu which can be used for record level operations on Contact
  • Populate Customers table first. Customer data will be required while adding contacts
  • Populate Contacts table. For each record of contact(child) parent=customer needs to be selected.
  • Details of each customer will show list of contacts for that customer.

Add Table Add Field Menu :

Contacts Structure :

Customers Structure :

Customers Contacts Tables :

Customers Calculated Fields :

Customers Calculated Fields Extension :

Contacts Calculated Fields :

Contacts Calculated Fields Extension :

Record Menu:

Table Menu:

Contacts for Customer1 :

Contacts for Customer2 :

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