• Global teams have members working in different time zones.
  • There is need of customization of date-time based upon time zone of the User.
  • Above example explains timesheet of a user.
  • User is located in New York with time zone America/New_York.
  • Server is located in San Francisco with time zone America/Tijuana.
  • There is time difference of 3 hours between America/Tijuana and America/New_York.
  • All the date-time records are stored in Server time zone (i.e. America/Tijuana) .
  • Dates are displayed in mm/dd/yyyy format.


Add TimeSheet record


  • Following description is for timesheet entry of 01/05/2015(mm/dd/yyyy)
  • User enters date-time as per user-time-zone=America/New_York.
  • Begin time is 8AM and End time is 11AM in time-zone=America/New_York.
  • User adds time sheet record.
  • Begin time and End time in time-zone=America/New_York is received by server.
  • Server converts BeginTime and EndTime from time-zone=America/New_York to Server-time-zone=America/Tijuana.
  • Server stores BeginTime and EndTime in Server-time-zone=America/Tijuana.
  • BeginTime of 8AM in timezone=America/New_York is stored in server as 5AM in timezone=America/Tijuana
  • Similarly EndTime of 11AM in timezone=America/New_York is stored in server as 8AM in timezone=America/Tijuana


Get/List/Display TimeSheet record


  • When TimeSheet record is displayed it shows time in server-timezone as well as in user-time-zone.
  • TimeSheet entry for 01/05/2015 shows BeginTime(in server-time-zone) of 5AM and MyBeginTime(in user-time-zone) as 8AM.
  • TimeSheet entry for 01/05/2015 shows EndTime of 8AM(in server-time-zone) and MyEndTime(in user-time-zone) as 11AM.


Update/Modification of TimeSheet record


  • User modifies TimeSheet record for 01/05/2016.
  • Server shows BeginTime of 8AM in user-time-zone after conversion from server-time-zone.
  • Server shows EndTime of 11AM in user-time-zone after conversion from server-time-zone.
  • User modifies BeginTime to 08:30AM from 08:00AM – which is in user-time-zone=America/New_York
  • User submits modification of TimeSheet record
  • Server receives BeginTime (8:30AM) and converts it into server-time-zone=5:30AM for storing it.
  • Server receives EndTime (11AM) and converts it into server-time-zone=8:00AM for storing it.
  • Server stores BeginTime=5:30AM and EndTime=8AM in Server-time-zone=America/Tijuana.

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