Spreadsheets vs Web-Applications using Online Database

Enhanced Security

Human Resources Department can have access to Salary Info of Employees.

Other Departments can have access to info about Employees other than Salary.

There are many chances of manual errors while using spreadsheets and

can result into duplicate records, incorrect financial calculations etc.

There are many versions of the same spreadsheet which are mailed back and forth

and it is difficult to keep track of it. Web Application provides central location

for all the data which is available anywhere, anytime.

Working in a team environment it is possible to email wrong version or miss

sending attachment to team member. Web application provides the latest

data for all team members so there is no confusion.

Spreadsheet can not be used to store sensitive information like social security number

etc. because it is stored in plain text. Web Application can store data

encrypted and can provide access to decrypted data only to authorized team members.

Team members who should not have access to decrypted information can

only see encrypted text or in the best case no access is there of encrypted info.

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